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About AAMSCO Lighting


AAMSCO has been a leading innovative lighting company since the mid 1970s. AAMSCO Lighting expanded and began creating their own unique luminaires. Today, AAMSCO Lighting is located in South Carolina and offers a wide array of specialty light bulbs, lamps, and fixtures to help you improve the look and feel of any location.


For the medical, industrial, commercial, or photography industries, AAMSCO carries a broad range of European lamps, LEDs and Fluorescent lighting options, miniature lamps, and custom designs. AAMSCO Lighting has also developed a line of Ferrowatt antique reproduction lamps to transport you back to the extraordinary time of Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla.


AAMSCO Lighting also has a line of Mirror-Lux mirrors. These mirrors are backlit for the perfect amount of lighting for bathrooms or powder rooms. If you're looking for the latest in LED technology, their best-selling line of Alinea lamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes.


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