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GE was born from the invention of the world's first affordable incandescent lamp. More than a century later, our Lighting business still brings light to the world, helping advance new technologies such as fluorescents and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), that operate with more efficiency, less cost and less environmental impact than ever before.


As a global leader in energy, technology, manufacturing, and infrastructure, GE is uniquely suited to help solve environmental challenges, for today and generations to come. Our customers want a more prosperous, cleaner future. By harnessing our most abundant renewable resource - the imagination of our people - we can create that future with them. We are taking a new approach to solving some of our customers' toughest environmental problems.


We believe that better technology is the answer to our customers' environmental challenges. And we are confident we can find tomorrow's solutions to those challenges just as we have since the days of our founder, Thomas Edison.


Throughout our 116-year history, we have invented solutions to meet our customers' greatest needs. Over many years, we have developed one of the broadest ranges of environmentally advanced technologies. We will build on this legacy of success by researching and developing next-generation clean technologies. Our goal is to be a leader in bringing clean energy, air, and water and improved quality of life to all of the world's citizens.


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