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About KolourOne by Satco


SATCO, along with Wooree Lighting, our strategic South Korean manufacturing partner of more than 35 years, have created the KolourOne brand of LED products. Both companies bring nearly fifty years of lighting expertise to the new frontier of LED lighting technology.


KolourOne LED lamps are designed and produced in a vertical manufacturing environment. All of the product's vital components, such as the LED chips, optics, driver, heat sink are designed and manufactured in house. KolourOne's tight quality control systems guarantee the products reliability and performance consistency.


Understanding the need for enhanced performance, superior appearance and continuous reliability, the KolourOne product line was conceived to offer a new option in LED replacement lamps. The KolourOne product line closely resembles traditional lamp size, function and visual appearance, making the KolourOne lamps the brand of choice. KolourOne doesn't follow trends, it leads them.


(Text is provided by KolourOne)



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