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About Venture Lighting


Venture Lighting, the fastest growing metal halide lighting company in the world, is the only one concentrated on this technology. Since 1983, we've created a constant stream of new systems for our customers. Our range of optimized lamps and ballasts, including the revolutionary Uni-Form® pulse start system, has grown to encompass lamp wattages 50 to 2,000. This unique focus offers you peak performance lighting solutions.


Applying a systems approach to metal halide development has generated a number of breakthrough innovations available only in Venture lamps and ballasts. Uni-Form® pulse start systems start with our exclusive formed body arc tube, sculpted to follow the actual shape of the light-producing arc. Nothing else can match the thermal profile of this design. Patented weldless lamp mount construction is stronger than standard welds.


Our line of both magnetic and electronic Opti-Wave™ ballasts improve power control, reduce ballast noise and have lower current crest factors. The benefits of our advanced technology include more light for less energy, improved color uniformity, significantly longer lamp life, quieter operation and continuous dimming capabilities.


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