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USHIO America, Inc. specializes in Quartz Halogen and Special Gas Discharge lamp technology. USHIO manufactures and distributes a broad range of Halogen, Xenon, EmArcŪ Enhanced Metal Arc, Metal Halide, Mercury, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Specialty PAR, Sodium, Quartz-Infrared Heater, Miniature and Subminiature lamps. These light sources are provided to a variety of industries such as architectural, audio-visual, photographic, stage, studio, theatre, television, semiconductor, printed circuit, video, graphic arts, flashlight, scientific, medical, dental, ophthalmic, automotive, aviation and marine.


USHIO America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, USHIO America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets. At USHIO America Inc., the primary product focus is on discharge and halogen lamp technology.


As a specialist in industrial light sources, USHIO America works in partnership with many advanced companies to develop new and innovative products. At USHIO America, Inc. their goal is to meet the comprehensive needs of customers through market-directed product engineering, manufacturing process control and breadth of product offering.


Company size and philosophy drive strategy. We are small enough to react to specific Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requests while large enough to have the design and production system expertise essential to making sophisticated light sources, coupled with a high degree of repeatability over large volumes.


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