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Satco Products, Inc


About Satco Products, Inc



Satco offers a full line of decorative, general service, fluorescent and energy saving light bulbs. Other programs include fixtures, track light, light hardware & glassware. Plus many other specialty products.


Satco is a premier source for all your lighting needs. Full line of energy saving products, new & replacement fixtures, contemporary collection of styles and merchandising for many different categories.


Since its inception in 1966 , Satco has established itself as a premier supplier of a variety of lighting products.


Satco has developed many product categories in addition to our full line of light bulbs. These programs include, track lighting, portable lamps, outdoor security lighting, decorative ceiling fixtures, electrical accessories, lamp parts and replacement glassware. All of the these products are fully inventoried in their five distribution centers.


Under the Satco brand, the company's product categories include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, HID, and LED lamps as well as hundreds of styles of builder-oriented lighting fixtures, track lighting and lamps through its showroom and electrical distributor channels. In addition, Satco offers lighting and electrical components for the retail, commercial and manufacturing trade as well as consumer products such as night lights, desk lamps and surge protectors. Satco maintains an unsurpassed understanding of the lighting industry.


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