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About TCP Lighting


Thanks to our cutting edge technology and deep manufacturing expertise, we have shipped literally billions of high quality lamps and our integrated technology and manufacturing, provides expedited time-to-market. With TCP, you can count on unique lighting products designed to meet very specific needs. Lighting that transforms your surroundings and envelopes you in warmth. Lighting that generates beauty with every flip of the switch.


TCP's commitment to technology gives us adaptability that cannot be matched. From our partnerships with industry leaders, a vertical integrated development design, and full ownership over our manufacturing facilities, TCP is ready to put out the best product at impossible speeds.


TCP's dedication to developing technology has led to an unparalleled number of products including their complete LED lighting line and our NEW Elite Series LEDs.


TCP also has the performance to back their boldness. TCP has been honored by ENERGY STAR® for quality and efficiency, heralded by TopTenUSA® for their superior LED product, and recognized by their customers for superior product and services.


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